About Us


Today’s business climate is scrambling to limit risk, liability, and create safe environments to bring our labor forces back to full force. Let the subject matter experts help your team learn, create, and implement compliant and simple solutions your business can act on to lessen your risk of future infections.

We provide our clients with a full suite of services and solutions from sourcing, supply chain management, deployment, COVID-19 testing onsite, PPE, and labor force reporting to help your team make the right labor force decisions.

Services offered:

  • PPE supplies (Gloves, Masks, Wipes & Hand Sanitizer)
  • Commercial Disinfection Service
  • EUA approved COVID-19 Antibody tests
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Testing services & reporting
  • Global Logistics

Our exclusive GSD branded Commercial Wipes and Hand-sanitizer are FDA & EPA approved and 3rd party verified to kill COVID-19.   



Benchmark Testing Partners, LLC. buys and sells physical commodities and provides a myriad of specific services. We have many strategic partnerships in which we deliver solid returns on investment. Many of our partners look to us to manage the day to day process of sourcing, buying, and or selling physical commodities. This includes: Sugar, Honey, Salt and what we have become a leader in, personal protective equipment (PPE). Our primary focus in this space is Nitrile Gloves. There are many opportunists to participate in this lucrative market. If you are looking for great returns with risk aversion let us know

We support clients in various business sectors including, Government, Education, Health Care, Investment Groups and Commercial Enterprise in both the US and Mexico.